The painter and the boy, On holiday with Fulla

original title: Maliar a chlapec - prázdniny u Fullu
written by Michal Hvorecký
illustrated by me
published by MONOKEL, 2019​​​​​​​

"What bad luck for the boy. Summer holiday are here, but he and his family cannot travel because his father has broken his leg. Instead, the boy embarks on another kind of trip – a phantastic journey explor- ing the worlds drawn by L’udovit Fulla (1902-1980). In Slovakia generations of children have grown up with Fulla’s picture book illustrations. Together with the main character, the viewer becomes immersed in familiar subjects that have been recomposed in a picture book by the Slovakian illustrator Simona Cechova (b. 1988) and the author and translator Michal Hvorecký (b. 1976). Cechova emulates Fulla’s various illustration styles, employing linocut as well as computer graphics. In addition, she orients her work around the typical colour scheme found in Fulla’s works. »Maliar a chlapec« pays homage to the likely most important artist of modern-day Slovakia in such an excellent manner that one will want to discover Fulla’s original works all over again. (Age: 5+)"